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About Us

How we began

President, Inventor David P. Murphy has been a lifelong resident of a Newark and a family funeral home. He has worked in the business since 1994. Licensed in New York State and partner in the Paul L. Murphy & Sons Funeral Home in Newark NY, in 2013, David was in an MVA with critical injuries including 2 complete spinal cord injuries. With less than 1% chance of walking again David. He taught himself to walk again. Walking with 2 canes, fighting to regain his position at his family owned funeral business, David needed to perform all the duties he did before the injury. He was hiring friends to help him load at hospitals and at the funeral home for transports to the airport and crematory. In the early 1990’s David had worked on fishing boats on the Bering Sea in Alaska. Using winches to pull the nets up the back ramp of the boat onto the deck. Winch and ramp was the answer to his problem loading. He invented remote control multi position winch system to pull the body boxes or cots with straps on the frame into his vehicle. While selling to a local association director who expressed his difficulty pulling 500 lb body out of car David invented the tipping feature to help unload. 

Demand for LoadAlone ™

 LoadAlone ™  is a patent pending, multi-position winch pulling system to load human remains in vehicles for removals and transportation to funeral homes, airports and crematories. The funeral service is experiencing change to higher rates of cremation, larger remains, older and smaller employees (in 2006 52% of funeral school graduates were female).

The medical fields have four times the risk of back injuries resulting on average 12 days missed work. OSHA has overlooked the funeral industry in the NIOSH recommendation of “employees will not lift more than 35 pounds without employer providing an assistance device, when available”. The only product helping body transporters is a $35-40K hydraulic ambulance cot loading system.   Hospitals and Ambulances spare no expense to reduce the injury rates from lifting. Why should funeral workers ware out their bodies.  Funeral Directors have a high instance of back, knee and shoulder injury from a career of lifting.  David Murphy has trouble standing, but he commonly loads and unloads cots, cases and caskets with only the help of his loading device, minimal lifting, pulling...pushing a button.

Multiple Products

 LoadAlone ™  is available as a $750 kit or at $2000-$3500 as an auto loading system on removal bed, affordable to the mortuary industry. 

About Us

David P. Murphy


David P Murphy


 David P. Murphy has been a lifelong resident of a Newark and a family funeral home. He has worked in the business since 1994. Dave grew up working with his dad at the funeral home. He has 3 degrees:  Associates of applied science from Paul Smith College in ecology;  biology and environmental chemistry bachelors at State University of New York’s college of environmental science and forestry;  and mortuary science degree at Simmons Institute associates of occupational science. He is licensed in New York State and is a partner in the Paul L. Murphy & Sons Funeral Home in Newark NY. David invented  LoadAlone ™ after a life changing motor vehicle accident left him unable to walk without the use of 2 canes. His mission is to make  the job of funeral professionals easier, safer and more profitable. 

Bernie Slome


Bernie Slome

Vice President Sales 

  Bernie is a sales executive whose passion is helping companies grow. He does this by thinking outside the box, recognizing the right opportunities, being an innovator, developing talent, exceeding goals, presenting value and using a Golden Rolodex. Bernie's track record shows consistent double digit sales and profit increases. Named one of the 50 most powerful people in the multimedia industry, I am a leader, a builder, a problem-solver and a motivator who has built sales forces and companies.

Mission Statement



Our mission is for funeral professionals to “Work Smarter! Not harder” 

 LoadAlone ™’s mission is to make the job of funeral professionals easier, safer and more profitable. Our systems are patent pending and enable professionals to load, without lifting, straining or pushing, human remains into vehicles for transport.