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LoadAlone™ Delivers 11 Great Benefits

How You Benefit


  • One person can safely load/unload in all mortuary cargo weighing in excess of 400 lbs
  • Reduces manpower required and wages for second attendant 
  • Transport on both sides or down the middle
  • Reduces back injuries
  • Suitable for passenger vehicles, commercial vans and hearses
  • Eliminates need for hearse
  • Protects bed from spills and smells and from wear and tear
  • Able to load from biers and from the ground 
  • Protects bumper and prevents vehicle damage, keeping higher resale value 
  • Increased productivity from owners and employees
  • Reduces costs associated with injuries such as worker’s comp 
  • Affordable, can save thousands of dollars

 Product Features

  • Quick and easy installation; easily removal to return vehicle to family style
  • Easily operated by one person using push button remote control
  • Loads over 400 lbs 
  • 20 ft 6000 pound synthetic cable and 3000 pound winch
  • Smooth Formica surface for easy sliding, no catching to pull heavy cot over
  • Choice of mahogany granite or white marble laminate, superior resistance to scratches and wear.
  • Runs off cigarette lighter jack or battery
  • Comes with brush finish stainless steel ramps
  • Steel fulcrum points stop cargo in fast stops 
  • Comes with plastic underlay to protect from spills
  • Comes with bier pins and cups for cot legs 
  • Comes with tow board for handless cases and caskets. 

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Funeral Convention Booth 1777 in Chicago October 28-30. Live demonstrations of LoadAlone™ 


LoadAlone™ Video Story

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Save Time and Money!


Ready to Assist at Push of a Button


The funeral business is hard enough without having to strain and hurt your back to get the job done. 

We spend a lot of time and money on our vehicles, this is another tool to help us do the best job we can.


Your Return On Investment



 Pays for itself with the saving in as few as 10 single person removals or wasted time waiting to load for the crematory.   

Affordable   Durable   Efficient   Protects   Reduce injuries

Call before your next large case or personal injury. 


Works With Alternative Vehicles: Guaranteed!


Alternative vehicles become an affordable distinguished substitute to a hearse, with the strength of 6 pallbearers.

Includes all accessories for 2 cots. 

(lighter jack, 2 tow boards, stopper pins, 6 cot straps and rollers.)

Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30 day money back return; 

1 year warranty

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Your back will thank you.

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