Loading cots, cases and caskets - easy as pushing a button.

Never struggle with grip, tearing, sagging, heavy or soggy cremation cases/casket inserts.   Save in man hours, back pain and inconvenience!  See https://youtu.be/PKt-11y7hZY

Increase Productivity. Decrease Back Injuries.


Work Smarter Not Harder


Created and invented by a funeral director who suffers from a spinal cord injury. LoadAlone™ was created for one person to be able to load without lifting, straining or pushing.  LoadAlone™ evens the playing field for workers, of any age or size, to perform one of the hardest duties of any post life professional.  Designed to protect not only your back, but your vehicle as well, from physical damage and spills.




This portable hoist system consists of a power supplied winch, attached to a multi-pulling point bar, with a cable block, for hands free loading on each side or down the center.  Stopper plates for locking pins or cot leg secure the cargo.  Smooth durable surface can be easily slid across with little snagging.  The synthetic cable is as strong as steel without dangers of splintering or slicing.  The cable can be strung to aid in unloading heavy transports.  Stainless Steel ramp protects the bump as well as reaching to load from carts or even up from the ground. The winch, bed and ramp are sold together with accessories  to create a system for loading heavy materials and items into passenger vehicles with the push of a remote controlled button.  

Patent Pending


About the Inventor


David P. Murphy is a second generation funeral director/ business owner in his hometown of Newark, New York. In 2013, he sustained 2 spinal cord injuries that left him paralyzed after a motor vehicle accident. With less than a 1% chance of walking again, David began the long journey of recovery with the hopes of working in the family business again. After 9 weeks in the hospital and many months of rehabilitation and physical therapy, David started to walk again. His next step was to work in the family business again. Able to walk with canes and drive with hand controls, he still had some difficulty loading a stretcher into his vehicle. He would hire friends to meet him at hospitals to help load the stretcher on removals. Not wanting  to depend on others and eager to work again, he accepted the challenge and created LoadAlone™. Early in 2018, David's father was having a hard time finding help for late night removals. David installed his first "auto removal" system in his father vehicle and he loved it.  Since then David has perfected this product using his experience in the funeral business and now proudly bring it to you.

"I have trouble standing, but I have no problem Loading Alone!"- David Murphy