Here's What They Are Saying About LoadAlone™


Funeral Home -- Webster, NY

 “You guys thought of everything.”  When my son first saw it he said, “That’s the greatest thing I have ever seen”.  

Dawn, Meaningful Memories Funeral Trade -- Rocky Point, NY

"LoadAlone has saved my back"

NFDA October 28-30 2019 -- Chicago, IL

LoadAlone™ was the hit of the NFDA in Chicago. Funeral Directors were wowed, many commented that they wished LoadAlone™ had been available 20 years ago so that they would have been able to save their backs from injury.

LoadAlone™ All About Inventing Possibilities

As featured on the NYSFDA web site and article about us entitled "Inventing Possibilities"

How LoadAlone™ Saves Funeral Directors Money

Picking up body on a cot.  Use LoadAlone™.  Take cot to funeral home.  Safely unload Oversize cot using LoadAlone.  Put in cremation box on a tow board. Use LoadAlone™.  Bring box and cot. Drop box at crematory in Rochester. I pick up second body using LoadAlone™. The double capacity saving me and hour and a half of driving. 3 loads saves me going back and forth and the load of shipping container for tomorrow of the second body to airport. I didn't need to hire anyone for assistance. At $50/help I save $200 plus waiting time for help. Plus the driving time. I will also have cot at airport in case I get another hospital or nursing home removal. Just real practical return on investment. D. Murphy, Paul L. Murphy Funeral Home


Q. Can I load bodies, caskets, inserts or cots without assistance?

A. Yes, by using LoadAlone™ you will not need to hire anyone to assist you.

Q. How much weight will LoadAlone™ handle?

A. LoadAlone™ can handle in excess of 500 LBS.

Q. Do I need a professional to install?

A. No, installation is easy and one doesn't need to "handyman" to install

Q. What type of vehicle will LoadAlone™ work in?

A. When you purchase your LoadAlone™ just tell us make, model and year of your transport vehicle. We will send you the LoadAlone™ that fits your vehicle.

Q. Why are you so sure this will be good for my business?

A. LoadAlone™ was invented by a funeral professional who could no longer lift bodies, caskets or cots. Instead of leaving the business, he invented LoadAlone™ so that he could still transport bodies and thus remain in the industry.

Q. Will LoadAlone™ save me money?

A. YES, LoadAlone™ will save you money. Think of how many hours two people are on a removal, waiting for help to load for crematory, wear on vehicle, smells and replacements from leaks, and most valuable...physical health.  LoadAlone's beautiful appearance makes alternative vehicle's a dignified substitute to the expense of a hearse.

Q.  How much can LoadAlone™ save me by preventing back injuries?

Morticians have high rate of back, shoulder and knee injuries from lifting.  The 'complete cost' of a back injury in the US is calculated to be $40,000, 12 missed days of work and personal medical expense is $2300/year more, almost double, the medical cost out of pocket than a person who has never had a back injury.  If you have ever missed an hour of work due to a lifting injury, you are 80% likely to continue aggravating that injury throughout your career.